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Why is getting a job hard?

Alex Bizdustry

⚛ Esquire
Apr 30, 2024
Why is getting a job nowadays hard? Especially, if it's your first and you're a young teenager venturing out in the employment sector. Even with piles of certificates and qualifications, these don't not always give you advantages over other candidates.

What are your thoughts?
What employers want these days are 27 years old graduates with 8+ years of experience. It is quite sad. If you don't have the right connections it is extremely difficult to get a good job.
It's easier to bring on someone with experience. There is less expense invested in training them, etc. Even with all those certifications and qualifications, it's still you and that baby face who's never applied that knowledge outside of the classroom with someone older who has been doing this in real life for some time.
In my home country, unemployment is high yet employers also say that they lack enough manpower. Well, the main reasons is job seekers have not equipped them with the right skills and knowledge that are in demand in the job market.
Over here in my country, the reason why a lot of people find it very difficult to secure new job is because the government is not creating more opportunities and that makes it a very challenges situation form those graduating from the University.
Actually it is not the government that actually creates job, government cannot create jobs. It is the private sector that actually creates jobs by establishing industries and businesses. It is the government's job to offer favorable environment for private sector to establish industries.