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TTT - why is it so important for us to reduce it?


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Aug 13, 2016
Part of my job as ADoS in a language school is observing each and every one of our teachers each year. This being my first year in this particular school, I noticed a really disturbing trend: the teachers just wouldn't shut up.

Now, the whole 'TTT' issue is a little divisive, with some people thinking that reducing TTT is paramount, and others thinking that there's nothing wrong with TTT. I'm sorry, but excessive TTT IS an issue.

I've seen 'lessons' that consisted almost entirely of the teacher repeating herself over and over again and telling stories about themselves. Lessons in which the students sat there, silent and motionless, as wave after wave of verbal diarrhea washed over them.

How much learning can actually happen when the teacher is the star of the lesson? How do they get any closer to fluency when they aren't given any opportunities to speak? How can they concentrate on anything with someone constantly talking at them?