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So... What Happened to the End of the World?


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Dec 13, 2012
It's 12-21-2012... What the heck happened to the end of the world? What do you think will be the next prophecy? Will it be 02-20-2020? I think prophecies are merely coincidences that people over-analyze.
Nothing happened to the end of the world. It was just a date that everybody got so crazy about.

Even though the Mayans have predicted many things that have came true, you have to remember the keyword I used, which is, MANY.

MANY does not mean ALL.

So some things they have predicted that has not come true at all.
I think a better way to look at this, is the end of the world for what? I am pretty sure that the end of the world for "humans" will happen at the hands of "humans" but life for other living beings and plants will go on. Think about it, the end of the world for dinosaurs happened millions of years ago, while the end of the world for the passenger pigeon happened less than 100 years ago. I guess it all just depends on perspective.
Actually, it was not predicted to be the end of the world entirely. I would have to find the research again, but I believe what the mayan calendar actually predicted was the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT (feel free to sing now haha, I know that song popped up in your head). Basically, it was believed to be the start of a new era, or something along those lines.

Or maybe the Mayans just decided it was a good stopping point, and meant to finish more calendar in a few hundred years :p who knows?
The Mayan calendar didn't predict the end of the world; it just didn't go past that point. When people say "the Mayan calendar," they mean one of several. What a lot of people didn't (and still may not) realize is that there are other calendars that go for centuries past 12-21-2012. So far I've lived through Y2K, the Mayan "end of the world," and several raptures.
I find it fascinating that people actually believe these "end of world" predictions. If and when the end comes I don't think we will know until it's actually happening. There is no actual concrete proof to most of these predictions, which makes me wonder why people believe them. :D
I think the majority of the "theories" were just another kind of crack-pot Y2K paranoia. The world has supposedly "ended" several times in humanity's history, yet nothing has happened yet. This has made me extremely cynical and cautious when talking to people who seem completely convinced that the world is going to end tomorrow, or the day after, etc. etc.

You really have to take these theories with a grain of salt and a whole lot of cynicism and thinking for yourself.
The world won't come to an end for a long, long, long time yet. Sure, it will go through some devastation from time to time but planet Earth is here to stay, its been here long enough and it will remain to home our future grandchildren for a long time. However, the way technology is advancing now, I am sure that in the near future we will find a way to get to Earth like planets and colonize them and live there.
It was never real to begin with. It was all just to create panic and to buy survival kits. Not to mention it was used to sell movie tickets to "End of the World" Movies, such as 2012. It was fake from the beginning and I feel pretty stupid for even believing it in the first place. I spent over three years worrying that the world was coming to an end, and when it didn't, I almost didn't know what to do with myself. Sort of a cruel joke if you ask me. Some people even commited suicide thinking it was coming, so there were even fatalities to this mass culture that told everyone the world was ending. Sad really.
I have a book somewhere... it was last published in 1930 (if I remember correctly.) It is a collection of stories about the New England territory while it was still being settled. In it, there is a passage where Passaconaway, the chief of the Pennacooks, relates the details of a dream he had after seeing the first settlers. He believed the dream foretold the end of their way of life. The passage in the book appears as if someone attempted to write what he said verbatim at some point -- It's in incomplete sentences and broken English. But he said he dreamt of watching a lake filled with white swans -- swimming and pruning themselves in the sun. It was a tranquil scene until he noticed something moving in the forest -- wolves. One by one, they came out of the forest in an ever increasing number. They attacked the swans and tore them to pieces. He said he was horrified at what he saw and there were white feathers flying everywhere.. filling the sky. When he awoke, he believed the dream was a premonition of things to come. He hope to divert his people from disaster by compromising with the English because he believed to fight them would result in total annihilation.
How's that for an "end of world" prediction?
It's funny how some people can predict it really. I mean, instead of predicting it, why not just live by the moment. Life is more fun and awesome that way. Mystery is always good to strengthen your faith and for the fun of living as well. It's going to be so boring if we have all figured out everything anyway.
Well I was born with a scientific mind so it's much easier for me to dismiss extraordinary claims like these. It also means that I'm more content with not knowing everything, at least not right away. The Mayan calendar thing was particularly ridiculous, because why put so much stock in the Mayans to begin with?