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May 3, 2020
Singing Songs is a fun way to introduce the English language to foreign students young and old alike. Songs are really effective in teaching the English Vocabulary to students.
Here are some examples of the songs.:

If You're Happy - teaches the different emotions.

Rainbow Song - good for learning colors.

7 Days a Week - teaches the different days in a week.

Let's go to the Zoo - teaches the different animal names.
I agree! If I may add another song: My Toes, My Knees, My Shoulders, My Head is one of my favorite nursery rhymes that teaches body parts to children.

Songs are indeed one of the most effective ways to teach a foreign language. Children can easily pick up catchy songs, and singing these educational songs aids in retention. Add choreography and they can better retain the meaning of the words in the song. All of these can make the learning process a lot more fun for children, too.
I thought it might be very good and effective method to start learning English , As most English teachers know, music can be a great way to engage learners .
Songs are actually very useful for intermediate and proficient English learners as well. They work just as well as (or even better than:cool:) poems or any other forms of literacy. Songs can teach learners starting from vocabulary, grammar, slangs, and various cultural influences in pronunciations and accents to an infinite interpretation that differ from one person to another. Songs do all that while being addictive yet stress relieving.
Songs are all in all a widely-accepted linguistic learning method powerhouse that's fun and easy yet complex and explorative.:singing:
Yes, you're right. Songs are very useful in everyday life, as well as they're good for teaching, or rather learning if you look from the point of view of a child.

ABC song is still in my head, though the first time I had heard it was almost 17 years ago, that's how I learned the alphabet the way I can never forget it haha.

Besides abc song, there are also many songs about feelings, parts of body, days of the week, numbers, colours, and litteraly everything that kids need to know. I know it because my baby boy just loves them. I would recommend 'Cocomelon' chanel on youtube, they have all of that songs, and many other meaningful songs about everyday situations, being polite, friendship, about brothers and sisters, kindergarden and many different things.

Teaching through songs is the fun way, it keeps the attention of the children, and the ones who love to sing will enjoy it even more. Honestly, I think that everybody wants to sing, but anyway, it's more interesting than the standard way, that's for sure.