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Getting ready for #altc

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David Hopkins

The 2014 ALT Conference is just around the corner (in more than just time – it's being held at the University of Warwick, which is where I now work!), and I'm getting ready for it.

The theme for this year (and my first ALTC) is 'Riding Giants: How to innovate and educate ahead of the wave' , and the wave I'm trying to crest at the moment is planning the sessions and presentations I want to attend. It's not helped by the fact so many of them are interesting, and that so many of them occur at the same time as each other.

I've added the one's I really want to attend to my Outlook calendar (sync'd with iOS calendar for alerts) … it looks quite daunting – I think I'll need some serious downtime after this:

Click to enlarge

I'm sure I've missed a couple of excellent sessions that I know I want to attend, but I've tried to balance it out across the whole three day event.

The rest of my 'getting ready' preparation is to check I've got new gel pens for my sketchnoting, spare cables for various devices, and the all important out-of-office notification set up. Oh, and a map. I may work at Warwick but that doesn't mean I know my way around yet.

Next week will be good, not only my first ALT conference but also a chance to meet and catch-up with so many real and virtual friends. I've set my ALTC profile up so please get in touch, let me know if you're going, and see if we can meet up.

Header image: freepik.com

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