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Comic Book Production - Collaboration Opportunity

Joshua Ferdinand

Staff member
Sep 27, 2010
Atomic Academia will be commissioning a 5 comic book series, to promote science. Details of the series below. We invite Atomic members to collaborate at any stage by replying or contacting us - particularly if you are interested in any of the editions below.

Series Overview

The series follows The Atomic Academic (Å), an atom-sized supercomputer, on a cosmic journey from the Big Bang through the evolution of the universe, Earth, life, and the rise of human civilization. Å's journey mirrors the hero's journey, offering readers a character they can grow with and learn from.

Book 1: The Big Bang and the Formation of the Universe

  • Hero's Journey Stages: Introduction, Call to Adventure, Refusal, Meeting with Mentor, Crossing the Threshold.
  • Educational Content: Concepts of the Big Bang, formation of elements, and the creation of stars and galaxies.
  • Entertainment Strategy: Introduce humor and wonder through Å's initial reluctance and awe at the universe's creation. Include quizzes on cosmic phenomena.

Book 2: The Formation of Earth and Early Life

  • Hero's Journey Stages: Tests, Allies, Enemies, Approach to the Inmost Cave.
  • Educational Content: Earth's formation, the first oceans, and the emergence of life.
  • Entertainment Strategy: Diverse characters representing early life forms, interactive activities simulating Earth's formation processes, and flashbacks to Å's insights from the universe.

Book 3: The Age of Dinosaurs - Mesozoic Era

  • Hero's Journey Stages: The Supreme Ordeal, Reward.
  • Educational Content: Life during the Mesozoic Era, focusing on dinosaurs and the mass extinction event.
  • Entertainment Strategy: Dynamic storytelling showcasing the dramatic era of dinosaurs, humor through dinosaur characters, and puzzles related to paleontology.

Book 4: The Rise of Mammals and Ice Ages

  • Hero's Journey Stages: The Road Back, Resurrection.
  • Educational Content: Evolution of mammals, Ice Ages, and adaptation to changing climates.
  • Entertainment Strategy: Stories of resilience and adaptation, interactive timelines of climate change, and discussions on adaptation strategies of mammals.

Book 5: Early Humans and the Development of Civilizations

  • Hero's Journey Stages: Return with the Elixir.
  • Educational Content: Development of human societies, agriculture, and the rise of civilizations.
  • Entertainment Strategy: Exploration of human ingenuity, activities reconstructing ancient inventions, and flashforwards showing the impact of early human advancements on modern society.

Series-Wide Strategies

  • Character Development: Å evolves from a curious observer to an enlightened guide, paralleling the reader's learning journey. This development is woven through interactions, challenges, and insights across the series.
  • Incorporating Humor and Interactive Elements: Each book includes humor to engage readers and interactive elements (quizzes, activities, discussion prompts) to deepen understanding and encourage exploration beyond the page.
  • Expert Collaboration: Collaboration with historians, scientists, and educators ensures accuracy and depth, with expert insights informing the narrative and educational content.
  • Thematic Continuity: Themes of adaptation, resilience, and interconnectedness recur, highlighting the lessons Å and readers learn about the universe and their place within it.
This advanced plan blends the hero's journey framework with educational objectives and entertaining storytelling to create a series that educates, engages, and inspires readers. By following Å's journey, readers not only learn about the cosmos and Earth's history but also about growth, discovery, and the importance of sharing knowledge.
Hi Joshua
I saw this posted and thought it was really interesting. I don't have the necessary "connects" to apply but if you could reach out to me individually, I would love to discuss it with you. Looking forward to it! Thanks!

Book 1 (Example): The Big Bang and the Formation of the Universe

Page 1: Introduction

  • Panel 1: The vast, empty pre-universe. Caption: "Before time, before space, there was... nothing?"
  • Panel 2: A small point of light (Å) flickers to life. Å: "Well, not quite nothing. Hello there, I'm Å!"
  • Panel 3: Close-up on Å, a glowing, atom-sized being. Å: "Your guide through the cosmos!"

Page 2: Call to Adventure

  • Panel 1: The universe begins to quiver. Å looks around, puzzled. Å: "What's this now?"
  • Panel 2: A massive explosion starts. Caption: "The Big Bang!"
  • Panel 3: Å is propelled forward by the blast. Å: "Woah, talk about starting with a bang!"

Page 3: Refusal

  • Panel 1: Å struggles against the gravitational pull of a forming star. Å: "I didn't sign up for this!"
  • Panel 2: Å trying to free itself. Å: "Maybe exploring isn't for me..."
  • Panel 3: Quiz Box: "What forces are at play here? A) Magic B) Gravity C) Time Travel"

Page 4-5: Meeting with Mentor

  • Panel 1: Ancient scripts and symbols swirl around Å, voices of past civilizations whisper wisdom.
  • Panel 2: Å, inspired, faces the star. Voices: "Understand the universe, and you'll navigate it!"
  • Panel 3: Å uses newfound knowledge to escape the star's pull. Å: "So it's all about gravity!"

Page 6-7: Crossing the Threshold

  • Panel 1: Å, now determined, ventures deeper into the cosmos.
  • Panel 2: The formation of the first elements. Å: "Hydrogen and helium, the universe's first marvels."
  • Panel 3: Humor Box: Å tries to catch a floating helium atom. Å: "Gotcha! Or not. Slippery little thing!"

Page 8-9: Formation of Stars

  • Panel 1-2: Nebulae forming. Å watches gas and dust condense into stars.
  • Panel 3-4: A star ignites. Å: "From dust to dazzling light!"

Page 10-11: Formation of Galaxies

  • Panel 1: Galaxies start to take shape. Å: "Stars gather in cosmic dance halls called galaxies."
  • Panel 2-3: Å explores various galaxy types. Humor Box: Å wearing a disco ball helmet. "Galactic party!"

Page 12-13: Challenge - Gravity's Grip

  • Panel 1: Å near a massive star about to go supernova. Å: "Uh-oh, too close!"
  • Panel 2-3: Å struggles against the intense gravity. Å: "Lesson learned: respect gravity's personal space."

Page 14-15: Overcoming the Challenge

  • Panel 1: The star explodes; Å uses the shockwave to escape.
  • Panel 2: Å, triumphant, looks back at the remnants. Å: "Gravity may hold you, but knowledge sets you free!"
  • Panel 3: Quiz Box: "What just happened here? A) Star party B) Supernova C) Star nap"

Page 16-17: Formation of Our Solar System

  • Panel 1: The solar nebula appears. Å: "Now, let's witness a special story—the birth of our solar system."
  • Panel 2-3: Planets start to form. Å: "Each planet, a piece of cosmic art."

Page 18-19: Earth Takes Shape

  • Panel 1: Earth forms, molten and wild. Å: "And here's Earth, a fiery start for a future home."
  • Panel 2-3: Humor Box: Å roasting a marshmallow over Earth. "Might as well enjoy the heat!"

Page 20-21: A Universe of Possibilities

  • Panel 1: Å gazes at the evolving universe. Å: "So much to explore, so much to learn!"
  • Panel 2: A galaxy in the distance. Å: "Our next stop? The formation of life itself."
  • Panel 3: Activity Box: "Create your own galaxy with swirls and dots. What's it called?"

Page 22-24: Closing & Looking Ahead

  • Panel 1: Å, now excited for more adventures. Å: "Together, we'll uncover the universe's greatest mysteries."
  • Panel 2: The cosmos spread out, inviting. Å: "Are you ready for what's next?"
  • Panel 3: Closing Quiz: "What are you most excited to learn about? A) Dinosaurs B) Early humans C) Stars and planets"
This script integrates educational content with the stages of the hero's journey, using humor, quizzes, and interactive prompts to engage young readers, while Å's challenges with gravitational forces add drama and illustrate scientific principles in action.
Possible books 2-4 exploring history as explored in Sapiens:
Book2:• The Cognitive Revolution, commencing around 70,000 years ago, ushered in the advent of the human mind.
Book3• The Agricultural Revolution, starting 12,000 years ago, transitioned societies from hunting and gathering to agriculture and animal domestication.
Book4• The Scientific Revolution, beginning about 500 years ago, revolutionised our understanding of nature through advancements in mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology, and chemistry.

Book5-(prisoners of geography) x digital revolution.

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