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    Atomic Academia Meeting Agenda.
    Date & Time: 3/7 18:00GMT

    i. Launch of AAPJ* & AAAJ** template
    1. New introduction pages
    2. New publishing cadence and style
    3. New team member applications
    4. Tech & Business Awards and Immerse accelerator
    Great British Entrepreneur Awards Immerse: Foundervine x Lloyds Bank
    5. Any other business

    * Atomic Academia Preprint Journal
    ** Atomic Academia Annual Journal
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    To enable candid feedback and robust article contributions. Verified members can now submit anonymous reviews.
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    Wednesday 1st May Atomic Academia Schedule​
    1. Current preprint server publications šŸŽ‰
    2. Our AI powered simulated text based gaming room šŸŽ²
    3. New medical simulation demo​
    4. Updates from team​
    5. Close šŸ«¶
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    What's New
    UK Gov. review finds some medical devices may be less accurate for BAME patients! pulse oximeters used for oxygen checks could be an issue. NHS needs to ensure all devices work for everyone #healthcare #BAME #equality
    Explainer Video
    How Pulse Oximetry Works
    How SpO2 probe works


    • equity-in-medical-devices-independent-review-report-web-accessible.pdf
      4.7 MB · Views: 2
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    03/04/2024 Agenda:
    • See You Tomorrow GIF by Retro Future E-Girl
      IELTS Pro introduction.
    • Our new AI model.
    • GIF functionality added to posts šŸ‘€
    • Invite a colleague.
    • Call for papers in Environment and Energy and Politics and Society.
    • Contracts for tender; comic writer, comic illustrator.
    • Research reach on preprints 1 month post publishing are very promising:
      NVivo and Teaching Excellence
    • Layout of article pages updated.
    • Updates from team.
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    Joshua Ferdinand
    Joshua Ferdinand
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    Some exiting new features on Atomic Academia!

    1ļøāƒ£ New practice test materials for IELTS are now available in our Resources. šŸ› ļø

    2ļøāƒ£ Our AI model (Atomic Academic) has been upgraded, you can now DM and have private conversations. Ask questions in the question room to see what answers you might get. šŸ¤–

    3ļøāƒ£ Invite a colleague is now a feature on Atomic Academia; you'll both earn Ā£10 if they sign up (and verify to prevent abuse). šŸ’·

    4ļøāƒ£ Our CTL framework has a clearer example. šŸ‘©šŸ¼ā€šŸŽ“šŸ‘ØšŸæā€šŸ« šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ«
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    Atomic Academia Meeting 06/03/2024 Agenda:
    šŸš« Originals
    āœ… Published Open Access
    āœ… Preprint Publishing (Free + Open Access)
    ā„¹ļø Aims & Scope Released
    šŸŽ¦ Media Distribution
    šŸ†• Publishing Schedule 10/12/2024 Annual. (CrossRef. DOAJ Application 11/12/2025)
    šŸ›°ļø Updates from Team
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    Delighted to share Atomic Academia's ISNI: 0000 0005 1419 5563
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    I just wanted to take a moment to thank our wonderful team of volunteers for their submissions to be atomised. Some work has already begun on this and you will be invited to have final editorial approval over the article before it is published.

    In other news, we have made extraordinary progress in the world of Academic and Educational publishing, developing networks and connections to produce and publish a wide range of academic media and literature; ranging from, learned journals (our initial core focus), books (literature for adults and children), and multimedia (podcast, music and video).

    This in addition with our existing product offerings has had me very busy, but the future looks bright, even Atomic! āš›ļø
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    Happy New Year, everyone! šŸŽŠ

    As we step into 2024, let's embrace the new beginnings, fresh starts, and blank pages waiting to be filled with our stories.

    May this year bring us laughter that echoes, adventures that thrill, and moments that leave us in awe.

    Here's to making memories that shine brighter than the fireworks in the sky.

    Cheers to 2024 ā€“ a year to be bold, be kind, and be you! ? #Hello2024#NewBeginnings
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    You will have noticed our new look! We're improving our UX and modernising (some might say evolving) our brand.

    If you think we're moving too fast and you were already in love with EdChat, you can go back to our Legacy look by selecting the angstrom (ƅ) at the bottom of any page.
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    Kathryn Burrows
    Kathryn Burrows
    I love the new branding!
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    Exploring the Training, Role and Scope of Paramedics. This preprint is the first in a series exploring where paramedics are and where they are going as out-of-hospital specialist healthcare professionals. #ETRSp #paramedics
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    Today I updated an article written over 11 years ago with the use of AI. This is one of the benefits of utilising a dynamic open access platform.
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    In the academic year of 2023-2024, EdChat is undergoing significant changes. We've transitioned our previous community forums, resources, lesson plans, and services into a legacy area, now led by the community.

    The Educational Chat Network is proud to introduce peer-reviewed articles, podcasts, and video media with scholarly precision. Our goal is to foster academic discussions in a manner unmatched by any other online platform.

    Starting from September 1st, 2023, registration will require your full name and offer the option to submit your ORCID iD.

    As always, our registered members can freely express their thoughts and feelings by writing directly on our homepage.

    #change #edchat #updates
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    Because they live in schools. ??
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    If you have created resources for online teaching in the last year, please feel free to share them here with your colleagues. We know it has been a challenging time for many of you and we are working on some new online resources.
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    Tutors: Please ensure you complete the tutor profile fully, delete anything that is not required so they can be approved. If your education history isn't completed then your profile cannot be approved.
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    Thank you to my team, I think we have proven the model of the site and demonstrated it effectively. Sad to disband, perhaps we'll say furloughed for now. EdChat remains open for public use and submissions.
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