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Å Journal's Aims & Scope

Atomic Articles Annual Journal is dedicated to transforming existing open-access research into condensed, accessible derivatives known as Atomic Articles.

We cater to a wide array of academic and professional fields, emphasising the dissemination of knowledge in an engaging and succinct format.


  • To condense and transform existing open-access research into highly accessible and engaging summaries, known as "Atomic Articles."
  • To bridge the gap between academic research and diverse audiences by presenting complex research findings in a clear, concise, and engaging format.
  • To foster the dissemination of knowledge across various academic and professional fields, promoting interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration.


  • Originality: Atomic Articles focuses primarily on summarising existing open-access research published in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Disciplinary Range: The journal welcomes submissions across a broad spectrum of disciplines, encompassing:
    • Arts & Culture
    • Business & Economics
    • Education
    • Environment & Energy
    • Health & Medicine
    • Politics & Society
    • Science & Technology
  • Submissions should clearly indicate the category under which the original research falls.

  • Article Type: Submissions are limited to the creation of Atomic Articles, which are concise summaries of existing research, not original research findings themselves.
  • Target Audience: Atomic Articles aims to reach a diverse audience, including academics, professionals, students, and anyone interested in staying informed about current research advances in various fields.

Note: To ensure accurate representation of the original research, authors submitting Atomic Articles are required to:

  • Be experts in the relevant field.
  • Provide a valid DOI of the original open-access manuscript.

Å's journal is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical publishing practices.

Publication Schedule: The Atomic Articles Annual Journal will publish its first edition on 10th December 2024, and subsequently on an annual basis thereafter.

Submission Criteria

To submit an article for consideration as an Atomic Article, authors must meet the following criteria:

  • Original articles must be published in an open-access journal.
  • Articles must be submitted by experts in the relevant field.
  • A valid DOI of the original manuscript published is required.
  • An article on a pre-print server may be considered if authored by an authoritative figure.


Upon acceptance, Atomic Articles will be assigned a DOI to facilitate citation and academic use.

ISSNs for print and online formats will be updated post-publication.

For detailed guidelines, refer to our Atomisation Process.