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Atomic Article Guidelines

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Atomic Academia's Double A preprint journal runs Janurary to November each year. The Triple A journal runs in December each year.

TLDR; Our AAAJ publications are review articles between 600-2000 words with a high editorial standard. Our AAPJ publications allow for emerging and ongoing research projects to be shared in a succinct general way. This is great for existing research to reach new audiences, development and networking opportunities.

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Triple A: Trending Research Reviews Double A: Monthly Preprints

Atomic Academia's Triple A publications are short-form peer-reviewed articles that provide insightful reviews of trending research from the past 1-2 years. Researchers are tasked with finding keywords, topics and themes that have been trending and conducting a review into an area of topical interest. These articles are concise, ranging from 600 to 2000 words, and are designed to distill complex research into accessible summaries for a broad audience.

  • Word Count: 600-2000 words
  • Key Features:
    • Rigorous peer-review process
    • Focus on recent and relevant research
    • Contributions from prominent authorities in the field

Our Double A preprints offer a platform for emerging and ongoing research projects. These monthly publications allow researchers to share their work with the academic community before final publication, fostering early feedback and collaboration.

  • Word Count:(brevity recommended)
  • Key Features:
    • Open peer-review process
    • Encourages discussion and early dissemination of research
    • Supports a collaborative academic environment


  • Triple A: Ideal for new review articles or shortened versions of existing reviews. Focuses on trending topics and recent research, providing a platform for experts to distill complex studies.
  • Double A: Suitable for existing research articles adapted to our guidelines. Encourages early sharing and collaboration, allowing for feedback in our open peer-review process.

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